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Colin (Buddy Armor Mode)

Colin "CV" Voice is a eighteen year old orphan living in Starview Heights. He lives with his twin sister Colleen and their legal guardian Captain Shields, and he is Buster Blue of the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters.


Ten years prior to the start of the show, Colin lived with his mother and twin-sister in Starview Heights, Georgia. However, this all changed one day at the park when his mother was killed in a large-scale attack by the Vaglass, orphaning him and his sister. On that very same day, he was hit by an energy blast and people predicted he'd suffer the same fate. However, he somehow survived, and developed the Metahuman ability of Superstrength, instead.

Because of his gift, he was chosen to become Buster Blue of the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters, and he and his sister were taken in by Captain Shields, the leader of the GPU, in order to train the two for their eventual role in the war against Psycho. He and his sister were homeschooled for ten years, until they finally convinced Captain Shields to re-enroll them in public school for their Senior Year.

It was at Starview Heights High where Colin and his sister re-united with Graham, another boy who lost his mother and gained a superpower on that fateful day ten years ago. However, unlike them, he had another family member to live with, who denied the GPU permission to give him Ranger training and forced them to alter his memory. Colin and his sister quickly befriended Graham, but kept the memory alteration a secret.

However, they were forced to tell him the truth when the Vaglass returned, requiring the three to become Power Rangers in order to stop them.

Now, Colin fights as Buster Blue, with the help of his sister, friends, and his Buddy-Roid, Banana.


Colin's personality varies depending on his mood. Most of the time, he's very sarcastic, cynical, and goofy, but other times, he can be nihilistic, cold, and even angry. Like Colleen, he is an incredibly skilled fighter-however, unlike his twin, Colin isn't very level-headed, and as a result, he tends to rush into battle without much in the way of forward thinking, which in turn lands him into trouble more often than not.

Not much is known about his hobbies, but he has been known to enjoy socializing with friends. (He can be seen typing on a laptop in the first opening, so it's safe to assume he has some kind of interest in computers.)

In terms of his teammates, he seems to get along the best with Shawn, most likely thanks to the Silver Ranger's child-like nature that meshes incredibly well with Colin's habit of not taking everything super seriously. However, there are times where even Colin thinks Shawn is being too silly.



Morphin' Brace

Morphin' Brace-Colin's morpher. It allows him to transform into Buster Blue.

Buddy Visor

Buddy Visor (Top: Detached/Middle: Attached, Top View/Bottom: Attached, Front View, Active)

Buddy Visor-A device used by Colin to access Buddy Armor Mode. It allows him to fuse with his Buddy-Roid, Banana, upgrading his suit's armor while amplifying his superstrength to the point where he can perform material osmosis.


Spy-Blaster (Top: Camera Mode/Bottom: Blaster Mode)

Spy-Blaster-Colin's primary gun weapon. It resembles a laser-pistol, and can be disguised as a camera.

Sougan blade

Spy-Saber (Top: Binocular Mode/Bottom: Saber Mode)

Spy-Saber-Colin's primary sword weapon. It resembles a shortsword and can be disguised as a pair of binoculars.


Superstrength-As a Metahuman, Colin possesses the unique ability of Superstrength. Using the Enertron coursing through his veins, he gains access to immense amounts on physical strength and raw power, but it comes at a cost-his Weakpoint. If Colin uses his Superstrength for too long, he'll lose control of his mind, and he won't be able to differentiate between friend and foe anymore. Once in this state, he can be only be calmed down by Colleen or in very extreme cases, Sonia.

Unlike the others, he's found a way to control his Weakpoint-however, it's only a temporary fix, and his control can easily be broken by stronger Metaloids or Avatars like Enter and Escape.

Material Osmosis-While in Buddy Armor Mode, Colin's superstrength is amplified, allowing him to absorb materials from the ground or the inside of buildings and pull them out in order to use them as makeshift weapons. (For example, he can put his hand on a building and use this ability to pull out one of its support beams at will.)

Gorrilarge Punch-Colin's finisher while in Buddy Armor Mode. Materializing an over-sized version of Banana's fist, he delivers a super-charged punch to his target, shattering them into streams of data almost instantly.


-He is the first ever Core Ranger to have a twin as a teammate. (Gem and Gemma were twins, but they were sixth rangers, and therefore not part of the core team.)

-He was born Catholic. He isn't very religious, however. He only mentions religious topics in extreme situations, and he swears on a regular basis. Still, he's a good person, and he does believe in God.

-He is in love with Sonia Shields, Captain Shields' daughter who he lived with for many years before she moved to Los Angeles to become a world-famous teen pop-star. Unbeknownst to him, she harbors the same romantic feelings for him.

-He and Graham share a running gag; whenever Colin swears in front of him, Graham will tell him to watch his language. Colin will occasionally poke fun at this.

-This gag later extends to other members as the team grows in number. The Gold Ranger, Nate, swears so often that Graham even puts a poster on the side of the Megazord cockpit enforcing a "No Swearing In the Megazord" rule.

-Sentai Counterpart: Ryuji Iwasaki [1]