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Buster Yellow


Colleen (Buddy Armor Mode)

Colleen Voice is a eighteen year old orphan living in Starview Heights. She lives with her twin-brother Colin and their legal guardian Captain Shields, and she is Buster Yellow of the Power Ranger: Spy-Busters.


Ten years prior to the start of the show, Colleen lived with her mother and twin-brother in Starview Heights, Georgia. However, this all changed one day at the park when her mother was killed in a large-scale attack by the Vaglass, orphaning her and her brother. On that very same day, she was hit by an energy blast and people predicted she'd suffer the same fate. However, she somehow survived, and developed the Metahuman ability of Superagility, instead.

Because of her gift, she was chosen to become Buster Yellow of the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters, and she and her brother were taken in by Captain Shields, the leader of the GPU, in order to train the two for their eventual role in the war against Psycho. She and her brother were homeschooled for ten years, until they finally convinced Captain Shields to re-enroll them in public school for their Senior Year.

It was at Starview Heights High where Colleen and her brother re-united with Graham, another boy who lost his mother and gained a superpower on that fateful day ten years ago. However, unlike them, he had another family member to live with, who denied the GPU permission to give him Ranger training and forced them to alter his memory. Colleen and her brother quickly befriended Graham, but kept the memory alteration a secret.

However, they were forced to tell him the truth when the Vaglass returned, requiring the three to become Power Rangers in order to stop them.

Now, Colleen fights as Buster Yellow, with the help of her teammates and her Buddy-Roid, Lettuce.


Positive, happy, and brave, Colleen could be referred to by some as the heart and soul of the team. She always has a smile on her face, and regardless of their mood, she'll inspire a grin from everyone else whenever she's around.

Not much is known about her hobbies or interests, but her behavior seems to indicate she's a bit of a tomboy. She also has a major addiction to coffee, drinking it no matter what time it is.

As the only female on the core team, she sometimes feels like a fish out of water, but she loves her teammates, and she'll do anything to fight by their side.



Morphin' Brace

Morphin' Brace-Colleen's morpher. It allows her to transform into Buster Yellow.

Buddy Visor

Buddy Visor (Top: Detached/Middle: Attached, Top View/Bottom: Attached, Front View, Active)

Buddy Visor-A device used by Colleen to access Buddy Armor Mode. It allows her to fuse with her Buddy-Roid, Lettuce, upgrading her suit's armor and amplifying her superagility so she can double jump.


Spy-Blaster (Top: Camera Mode/Bottom: Blaster Mode)

Spy-Blaster-Colleen's primary gun weapon. It resembles a laser-pistol and can be disguised as a camera.

Sougan blade

Spy-Saber (Top: Binocular Mode/Bottom: Saber Mode)

Spy-Saber-Colleen's primary sword weapon. It resembles a shortsword and can be disguised as a pair of binoculars.


Superagility-As a Metahuman, Colleen possesses the unique ability of Superagility. Using the Enertron flowing through her veins, Colleen to jump to insane heights, higher than any living creature on the face of the planet. This gives her immense maneuverability on the battlefield, but she has a Weakpoint in the form of her Internal Engine-basically, inside Colleen's body there resides an invisible organ, almost like a second stomach. This internal engine takes sugar from everything Colleen eats and converts it into Enertron, powering her ability. However, if she runs out of energy, she'll pass out, and won't regain consciousness for some time. She gets around this by keeping sweets on her at all times-however, if she runs out during a battle, there's nothing she can do.

Double Jump-While in Buddy Armor Mode, Colleen's superagility is amplified, allowing her to jump twice as high and for an even longer period of time.

Rabbit Kick-Colleen's finisher while in Buddy Armor Mode. Using her double jump, she leaps high into the air before delivering a flying kick or a series of drill kicks to her target, destroying them almost instantaneously.


-She is the first ever Core Ranger to have a twin as a teammate. (Gem and Gemma were twins, but they were sixth rangers, and therefore not part of the core team.)

-She was born Catholic, and while she isn't nearly as religious as say, Graham, she's still more religious than say, Colin or Nate. For starters, like Graham, she dislikes when people swear for no other reason than to swear.

-She has a crush on Graham, as evidenced by her blushing a bit when he occasionally teases her and her constant habit of being overprotective of him during battle. Her crush is later confirmed in Episode 5, when her admiration of Graham for sticking by her during her battle with Springloid turns to something more.

-She has a strange obsession with coffee, something we first see in Episode 5. She also enjoys riding her bike, but so far this is only seen in the opening.

-Sentai Counterpart: Yoko Usami [1]