Escape Gobusters

Escape is an Avatar created by Psycho, presumably using the data of a deceased GPU scientist. She was created in order to support Enter, whom had experienced a recent string of failures which led Psycho to believe he needed to take a backseat. As an Avatar, Escape has no physical form; rather, she is made of pure data and energy, and can materialize and teleport at will. Her main method of attack is to use Metavirus cards to infect inanimate objects, which will then transform into Metaloids, attack robots that she then sends to attack the Rangers and gather Enertron. In the event of a Metaloid's defeat, she can also resurrect them using her energy-tendrils, allowing them to pilot a giant robot that she teleports from Hyperspace. (Though this requires a large amount of Enertron, meaning Escape cannot always do so.) As a creation of Psycho, she harbors a deep hatred of humanity-especially the Rangers, and she will do anything it takes to destroy them. In combat, she wields twin laser pistols-one of which she refers to as "Winston" and the other she refers to as "Julia". (This is a reference to "1984", a classic novel penned by George Orwell in 1949.)