Infiltr8 was an AI (artificial intelligence) created by Professor Rourke, with the assistance of his lab-assistant, Briggs. It was created for the sole purpose of infiltration and deception. It achieves this through the use of "disguises"; essentially, Infiltr8 can absorb the memories and appearance of a person as their brain dies, allowing it to copy them perfectly. Under the disguise of Sergeant Mark Truman, an old friend of Lieutenant Woods', it managed to infiltrate GPU Headquarters while the latter was in charge in Captain Shields' stead. Knocking the Lieutenant unconscious and placing the entire base on lockdown, it moved to the sub-basement, where it attempted to steal data revolving around Project: Ranger. Before it could successfully download all of the files, it was defeated by the Rangers. However, unbeknownst to the teens, it was able to transfer a small portion of the data to Professor Rourke via the use of a hidden decoy.