Professor Rourke

Professor Garfield Rourke is a mysterious scientist, working behind the scenes to destroy the Rangers. Not much are known of his motives, but it is obvious that he despises the Rangers and the GPU in general. Assisting him in this campaign (albeit reluctantly) is Briggs, his middle-aged lad assistant. In the final scenes of "Catfish", some of his backstory was revealed. According to Captain Shields, Rourke was originally a GPU scientist, who worked closely with the late Professor Miles inside the Research and Development Department. In particular, he and Miles worked together on Project: Messiah, the project from which Psycho was ultimately born. He was terminated from his position after a so-called "incident" occurred; what this incident actually was has yet to be revealed. It is heavily implied during this final scene that he stole the source code for Messiah after being let go, and is now using it to create new AIs as part of his revenge scheme. As of "Catfish", Rourke has access to blueprints for a third version of the Morphin' Brace-what he actually plans to do with the blueprints is yet to be seen.