Psycho (formerly known as Messiah) is the main villain of Spy-Busters. He is an artificial intelligence that was originally created by the GPU as a part of their project to develop an AI capable of monitoring entire cities by itself. However, upon the project's completion, Messiah went rampant and, renaming himself Psycho, he took control of the city's factories and built himself a robotic army with the hopes of taking over the world. The GPU managed to lock him away in Hyperspace, but at a grave cost-thousands died, and even more were scarred for life.

Now, Psycho lives in Hyperspace, plotting is revenge. Using the data of deceased GPU scientist William Miles (who, ironically, was the leading man behind Project: Messiah), he created Enter, an Avatar capable of teleporting to and from Hyperspace at will, in order to lead his Vaglass Army in a new endeavor-namely, the gathering of an experimental energy source known as Enertron. It is Psycho's hope that with enough Enertron, he will be able to return to our world an enact his revenge.