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Stag Buster

Shawn (Ranger Form)


Buster Silver

Shawn Woods (formerly Shawn Cupples) is a eighteen year old boy living in Starview Heights. He is the adopted son of Martin Woods and his wife Alicia, as well as Buster Silver of the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters.


Ten years ago, Shawn lived with his mom and dad in Daytona, Florida. One day, his family went to the beach with his best friend Nate and his family. Little did the two boys know, this day would change their lives forever.

While there, the two families were taken as hostages by the Vaglass, who had begun expanding beyond Starview Heights and were looking to capture more territory on the day of Psycho's initial rampage. Both boys' families were killed and they were shot with energy blasts. By some miracle, Shawn survived, developing the ability of Hyper-Detection.

However, due to the GPU lacking knowledge of the attack, Nate and Shawn were both ignored and neither received Ranger training. Both were placed in a Catholic Orphanage, where Nate vowed to get revenge on Psycho for the deaths of he and Shawn's loved ones. While there, Nate used his hacking skills to learn of the GPU's continued existence, as well as the existence of the Ranger Project.

Hacking into the government mainframe, he had himself and Shawn transferred to another Orphanage in Starview Heights, where they then befriended Graham, Colin, and Colleen at their new school of SHHS. Breaking into the GPU's underground base, they stole the prototype Morphin' Blasters, using them to become Buster Gold and Buster Silver.

After some convincing, Nate and Shawn were allowed to join the team. Shawn now fights as the Silver Ranger, aiming to protect the city of Starview Heights and ensure the safety of his best bud Nate during the latter's quest for revenge.

As of the episode "Stakeout", he and Nate have been adopted by Lieutenant Woods and Lieutenant Rose. They now reside with them in a house not too far from Graham's.


While Nate is standoffish, nihilistic, and suffers from depression, Shawn is happy, hyper, and a little strange at times. He's very much the oddball of the team, and his weird antics constantly annoy the group, sometimes even phasing Colin, who is probably the goofiest member besides Shawn.

Despite this, he's a valuable asset, and he takes his duty as a Ranger very seriously. He always aims to please, and he's constantly trying to prove himself, something that occasionally lands him in trouble.

Overall, Shawn is a fun-loving boy who holds his friends dear and would do anything to ensure their safety. He can sometimes be a little too protective of them, even to the extent that he forgets to take care of himself, too.


Morphin' Blaster

Morphin' Blaster (Top: Phone Mode/Middle: Morpher Mode/Bottom: Blaster Mode)

Morphin' Blaster-Shawn's morpher. It allows him to transform into Buster Silver, and also doubles as his primary gun weapon.

Drive Sword

Drive Blade (Top: Blade Mode/Bottom: Drive Mode)

Drive Blade-Shawn's primary sword weapon. It is a sword and doubles as a steering wheel for Shawn's Zord, due to him lacking a Buddy-Roid.

Beetle Booster-A black, scarab beetled themed device that resembles a scope; it attaches to the top of Shawn's Morphin' Blaster and allows him to access Boost Mode


Hyper-Detection-As a Metahuman, Shawn possesses the unique ability of Hyper-Detection. Using the Enertron flowing through his veins, Shawn develops a sort of sixth sense that allows him to scan the surrounding area for incoming threats he may not see, otherwise. However, he has a Weakpoint-if he uses it for too long, Shawn's brain will become overloaded with information, and he'll no longer be able to tell if what he's seeing is really there or not. His ability will remain useless for some time after this.

Metaloid-Scan-While in Boost Mode, Shawn's hyper-detection is amplified, allowing him to mentally scan most Metaloids in order to search for their physical weaknesses.


-He is the first Ranger to be a prep. However, Shawn doesn't possess any of the base personality traits a prep usually does-he just likes nice clothes.

-He is without a doubt the "kid-appeal" character of the series. He is incredibly hyper and often acts younger than he really is. (This is an interesting contrast to Tanner, the sixth ranger, who acts older despite being the youngest member of the team.)

-He and Nate are the second Rangers to be adopted, after Nick from Mystic Force. (Though they are the first to be adopted after the start of a season; Nick was adopted long before the events of Mystic Force while Shawn and Nate were still orphans when they debuted in Spy-Busters.)

-Sentai Counterpart: Beet J. Stag [1]